Poor showing as McCurtain’s claim maximum points

Division Two League
Fulham Irish 1-07 to 1-22 Thomas McCurtain’s
Sunday, June 25 2017

McCurtain’s took advantage of what now seems to be the customary strong first half wind in Wormwood Scrubs to record a 100 per cent winning league campaign as they ended top of the league with maximum points.

Fulham started the stronger of both sides recording two points in the first couple of minutes as Thomas McCurtain’s took time to adjust to the wind strength.

They found their range on the fifth minute when they scored their first point and they quickly scored their second with a lovely point outside the 65m line taking full advantage of the wind. Irish continued to battle on as the game was played at a high pace.

McCurtain’s had their first chance on goal from a miss puck out from Fulham’s goalie however they drove the shot wide, a relief to Irish.

However they soon had the goal threated again and with a well worked play, recorded the first goal of the game taking the lead 1-04 to 0-2.

Fulham needed to reply back and on the thirteenth minute, a breaking ball from an initial pass in by Mick Harte fell into the path of Larkin who recorded his third goal of the season in the Irish’s jersey.

McCurtain’s responded with two points in quick succession before Fulham recorded their next score.

With less than 10 minutes to go in the first half, it would seem Irish had managed to contain any advantage McCurtain’s would have had with the wind but Thomas McCurtain’s upped their game and used the wind to add to their score line to go in at half time 10 points up.

With the wind on Fulham’s side for the second half it was important they started to get the score board ticking, and more so important they didn’t have any wasteful shots.

Irish added two points to their score line which led to McCurtain’s restructuring their set up and dropping one of their forwards back.

McCurtain’s continued to pound the Irish defence, but an outstanding display by captain Don O’Connell and a vintage performance by Pat O’Mahony limited McCurtain’s scoring opportunities.

Fulham, uncharacteristically, were deemed to foul their opponents on more than one occasion, as McCurtain’s now had control of the game and the score board.

With Irish chasing the score line and the last quarter to play it was always going to be a big ask.

Fulham started to drop balls into their forward line and had three chances on goal, with Colm Kennedy sending the sliotar just too high to record a point rather than a goal.

Within the last couple of minutes Irish had another chance on goal as the McCurtain’s goalie fumbled the sliotar but any threat was shortly defused. The final whistle gone, Irish were disappointed with their poor performance.

Fulham Irish: Keith Greene, Dermott Fitzgerald, Don O’Connell, captain, Eamonn Sullivan, Stephen Martin, Pat O’Mahony, Darragh McInerney, Mike Broder, Mick Harte, Colm Kennedy, John Kirby, Eoin McCarthy, Hugh Connelly, Kevin McHugh, Niall Larkin, Mick Ruby, Eamonn Wade, John McHugh, John Condon and George Baker.