Brothers band together to hold off Fulham

Division 2 Hurling League
Fulham Irish 1-10 vs 1-15 Brothers Pearse
Sunday, July 18 2017

It was over three years ago on a hot afternoon at Greenford when Fulham last played Pearse’s.

This latest meeting in the hurling league was never going to be easy for either side and with the sun beating down on the backs of all players it was important to make every move count and conserve energy.

Irish started off well scoring a point from play and from a free courtesy of Luke Slyman. A further point to Irish was notched up when O’Rourke, McCarthy and Slyman all hooked up, again with Slyman making matters count.

Pearse’s needed to respond back and they latched on to a miss hit by Fulham’s goalie to record their first score.

They soon were back on level terms as their forwards began to work with each other and produce two great scores.

It was from here on in Pearse’s started to dominate in the forward line as Irish’s backs, uncharacteristically, struggled to hold their ground.

The pressure soon came to a head as Pearse’s managed to score a goal. Pearse’s continued to keep the score board ticking over whilst Irish tried to make amends for the errors they made and welcomed a water break called by the referee.

Pearse’s however continued to put the pressure after the restart and had another attempt on goal before the half time whistle went but Irish’s goalie, Greene, at full stretch made a diving save to deny the green flag being raised.

Irish found themselves 5 points down at half time.

Pearse’s continued the second half as they had played much of the first half and again dominated in the forwards as they added a further three points to the score board before Fulham replied back, but Pearse’s continued with their game plan and went 8 points ahead for the second time, as Irish brought on their subs to try to change the game.

Irish’s Harte and O’Rourke both went close to scoring a much needed goal but Pearse’s keeper was on fine form, denying both.

On the 25th minute of the second half, Fulham’s goalie Greene, spotted an unmarked Pat O’Mahony for a short puck out who in turn gave a long pass into Harte, who turned and attempted to score only for the goalie to make his third save.

As the goalie attempted to clear his lines, Irish’s sub, Baker, half blocked his effort and Irish’s other sub, Kev McHugh, managed to latch onto the sliotar and drive this into the back of the net.

Time was not on Fulham’s side, and with Irish missing their scoring opportunities, Pearse’s won by 5 points.

Fulham Irish: Keith Greene, Stephen Martin, Don O’Connell (captain), Colm Kennedy, Pat O’Mahony, Frank Ryan, Darragh McInerney, Conor Ahern, Eamonn Sullivan, Eoin McCarthy, James O’Rourke, John Kirby, John Condon, Mick Harte, Luke Slyman, Mick Ruby, John Connole, Kev McHugh and George Baker.