Irish tough it out to claim second win of the season

Division 2 Hurling League
Fulham Irish 3-07 vs 0-14 Granuaile
Sunday, June 4 2017

Fulham Irish manager Mick Ruby saw his side dig deep to grind out a win against Granuaile on a hot afternoon at Irish’s home ground in Acton.

Within one minute of the game a free for Fulham’s led to Luke Slyman’s first point but indiscipline by Irish gave Granuaile the chance to level the score.

NEWfi-graunaile6The game continued to stop and start as both teams were deemed fouling by the referee as they tried to get a foothold on the game.

Eight minutes gone and Irish’s Mick Harte broke free from his man with the sliotar on the end of the stick with only the goalie to beat, but he mistimed his shot and the sting was taken out of the shot as the sliotar hit the ground with the goalie sweeping the ball up to clear.

However the threat of a goal soon loomed onto Granuaile again as centre back, Fergus O’Regan, passed a ball onto the awaiting Slyman who passed to Harte and took the pass back, putting in a low pow ball into Niall Larkin who shot and drew a save from the goalie but he managed to react to the rebound to put the sliotar in the back of the net.

Granuaile scored directly afterwards with a soft free as they looked to reduce the 3 points variance.

Harte and Slyman teamed up again shortly afterwards as Slyman recorded Irish’s second goal as Granuaile struggled to cope with Fulham’s forwards.

Irish didn’t have it all their own way in the first half and a strong performance by Fergus O’Regan and Steve Walsh, making his first appearance in the black and green shirt for Irish, contained Granuaile attack. Half time 2-04 to 0-04.

With the wind picking up for the second half, it was always going to be a test of fitness and determination for Irish as Granuaile used the wind to their advantage to score three answered points.

They continued the momentum as Fulham lost their way, however a superb point from Fulham’s James Marrinan, kept the score board ticking over for Irish as Granuaile continued to look to breech the house of Fulham and look for their first goal.

Irish had the chance to pull further ahead with a free but Slyman’s shot was held up by the wind and went wide.

Granuaile continued to work the ball through midfield and recorded a further two scores.

With 20 minutes gone in the second half, Deccy Hayes caught a lovey pass from Mike Broder and went straight for goal, dodging and weaving through the Graunaile defence.

As Hayes went inside the square, he was brought down, rather than look for a penalty he did an overhead backward pass to the waiting, unmarked Marrinan and who scored Fulham’s third goal.

Granuaile, determined not to give up without a fight, launched an attack which would see them draw 21m free in from Fulham’s back line. They tried to seize on the chance to go for goal but Irish managed to thwart the attack.

With the game now in injury time, Granuaile fought for every ball and clawed another two points back but time was not on their side and the referee blew his whistle and Irish had held onto their lead.

As the old cliché goes, goals wins games and this is certainly what got Fulham their second win in the league.

Fulham Irish: Keith Greene, John McHugh, Frankie Ryan (captain), Pat O’Mahony, Eammon Sullivan, Fergus O’Regan, Darragh McInerney, Michael Broder, Steve Martin, James Marrinan, Luke Slyman, Niall Larkin, Michael Harte, George Baker, Kevin McHugh, John Connole, John Condon and Steve Walsh