Fulham rue missed chances in defeat to Granuaile

Preliminary IHC
Sunday, April 23 2017
The Scrubs
Fulham Irish 0-10 vs 2-07 Granuaile

There was a hype of activity on The Scrubs, from different sporting events, when Fulham Irish clashed with Granuaile in the Preliminary round of the Intermediate Championship on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Irish, with a depleted panel, handed debuts to Hugh Connolly, John Kirby, Darragh McInerney and Owen Mulligan.

Within four minutes of the off, Luke Slyman recorded his first point, fifty metres out, following a lovely pop pass from John Kirby.

However Granuaile, determined for Fulham not to a get any momentum, dropped in a high ball into the house of Irish only for the ball to be spilled onto the Granuaile’s forward line, who did not need any second chance to put a sliotar into the back of the net.

Kirby responded well for Fulham to claw the deficit back to one point, as Irish started to go through the gears and dominate midfield.

However, on 19 minutes a high ball into Irish’s house was again caught by Granuaile. The player, now on the ground, passed the ball to an unmarked forward to score their second goal.

Fulham contested this score as they felt the ball was thrown, but the referee dismissed their protest.

Granuaile, now four points up, only recorded one more score in the half, as Irish started to chip away at the score line with Kirby, Harte and Slyman working well together.

Fulham had their chance on goal but the ball was sent wide, however they were rewarded with a further four points split across Kirby and Slyman by the time whistle was blown for the end of the first half. Irish were a point behind.

Two minutes into the second half, a turnover ball by McSwiney went into the path of Slyman who linked with Kennedy and back to Mike Broder to score a fine point to draw Irish level.

Granuaile replied with a converted free to go ahead. The best score of the game came next from Fulham with some clean, crisp, passing worked from the back line with Kirby instrumental in directing the path of the ball.

The build up to the point included five different players, including Kirby, who eventually ended up with taking the last pass to score a point.
Granuaile tried to respond back with an attempt on goal, but this was saved by Keith Green.

Irish were now looking to forge ahead and start to make the shots count as they continually took their chances to score but unfortunately missed.
On 49 minutes, Slyman caught a wonderful pass from Kirby and headed straight for goal.

With only him and the keeper left, the keeper brought him down and conceded a penalty.

Slyman had the opportunity now to put Irish ahead, but the keeper anticipated the shot and saved.

With time ticking down, Irish continued to create scoring opportunities, but their finishing let them down. Granuaile continued to work the ball through and scored three unanswered points to stem Fulham’s surge to respond.

The referee called an end to the game and Irish lost by three.

Some great passages of supporting play, but Irish will rue their misses. It was a case of well done to Granuaile for capitalising on their scoring chances and making them count.

Fulham Irish: Keith Greene, John McHugh, Don O’Connell, Steve Martin, James McSwiney, Darragh McInerney, John Connole, Mick Harte, John Kirby, Eoin McCarthy, Luke Slyman, Mike Broder, Hugh Connolly, Kevin McHugh, Owen Mulligan, Mick Ruby, Colm Kennedy, Eamonn Wade and George Baker.