Donal’s delight as Irish topple local rivals

Fulham Irish 1-19 to Sean Tracey 2-6
Senior Hurling League – Round 4

The senior league competition continued on Saturday, July 23 with local rivals Fulham Irish and Sean Treacy’s playing at Fulham’s home ground, The Scrubs.

The game was delayed because of issues with the transport network but eventually got under way in what had to be described as stifling heat.

Fulham won the ball from the start with Eamon O’Sullivan picking out Donal Casey who in turn fed the sliotar to Mick Harte to provide the game’s opening score.

A further three points were added as Fulham started to dominate the game, however Sean Treacy’s were not about to let Irish start to pull ahead and from a short puck out, managed to take their first score.

Fulham tried to reply but the ball was just wide from Irish’s Luke Slyman.

Another short puck out by Sean Treacy’s caught Irish off guard and the ball was pucked to their full forward line who turned the Fulham defence, but the chance on goal in the 12th minute fell short.

Fulham breathed a sigh of relief, but Treacy’s came back and were rewarded for a goal on the 16th minute which pulled back the deficit and advantage Fulham had.

O’Sullivan was picking up the loose ball in the middle of the field when fouled and which saw the referee stop in play to call for a water break.

With play resuming and Irish to play the free from the foul, Casey took his first score. The short puck out for Treacy’s, worked again as Fulham was caught allowing Treacy’s to claw a point back.

Irish continued to add to the scoreboard with a great score from Fergus O’Regan and both Irish’s midfielders, O’Sullivan and Stephen Martin.

Two more frees, taken by Casey, meant at half time Irish were leading 0-11 to 1-3.

Sean Treacey’s needed to come out at the start of the second half with a determination to put pressure on the Fulham backs and test the goalkeeper, and that is exactly what they did, getting the first point of the second half.

On 37 minutes, O’Regan picked out Slyman who had a chance on goal but was fouled and Slyman took the free to get his first point of the second half under way.

Treacy’s theme for puck outs was to go short and they did so time and time again.

The game started to break up as both teams were going in hard to disrupt each other’s play.

The referee again halted the game for much a needed water break. Treacy’s were not going to give up and a fumble by Irish gave the momentum to Sean Treacy’s who broke through the defence to score their second goal in the 49 minute.

Irish struggled to responded in dealing with the threat from Treacy’s but on the 51st minute, Jim Nelligan singled out Slyman who scored a goal.

Sean Treacy’s pucked out but Irish read it and won it back with Kev Davy, who took the opportunity to score.

Treacy’s did get a point back but with Slyman and Mick Harte starting to pick up the pace of the game in the heat they were being rewarded with further scores.

Nelligan and Slyman did link up again to create a goal chance only for Slyman to be fouled.

Slyman stood up and took the free to bring his point tally to 1 goal and 4 points. With time nearly up, Sean Treacy’s tried to take advantage of an ill-timed Fulham hand pass, but a fully stretched diving O’Regan blocked the shot.

Irish had beaten their local rivals who had made it as difficult as possible for them.

Harte and Slyman had their best games under the club colours this season.

The team was delighted with the win, with Fulham’s corner forward Casey saying: “We started brightly but lost our way for the last 10 of the first half and the first 10 of the second half.

“We should have been a lot more composed and comfortable. We need to work more on not panicking and looking up for players in space.

“When we did that in the last 10 minutes we began to profit.”

Well done to captain James McSweeney and welcome back to Tom Kennedy, who became a proud father a couple of weeks ago.

Fulham Irish: David Gray, Colm Kennedy, Frank Ryan, Derry Fitzgerald, Fergus O’Regan, Tom Kennedy, James McSweeny (C), Steve Martin, Eamom O’Sullivan, Jim Nelligan, Luke Slyman, Mick Harte, Donal Casey, Kev Davy, Andrew McCahey, Mick Ruby and Matt Silke.