Irish lose out by a point to fancied McCurtain’s

Ronan Cup
Tuesday, May 9 2017
The Scrubs
Fulham Irish 0-08 to Thomas McCurtain’s 0-09

London forward Shane O’Donnell, made his first appearance of the season for Irish as they took on a much fancied Thomas McCurtain’s in the Ronan Cup on a sunny Tuesday evening at The Scrubs.

It was Shane who recorded the first two scores within three minutes of the game before McCurtain’s had their first point from play.

Both sides continued to battle for the breaking ball, but Irish were coming out on top as a cross field pass from O’Donnell made its way into the forward line, where Clare man Kev McHugh, latched onto a pass and from a very tight angle, scored a point.

Thomas McCurtain’s, determined not to let Irish get any further ahead, created a goal opportunity but for Irish’s full back Don O’Connell to clear the lines.

This was to be the last passage of play for O’Connell as he picked up an injury. McCurtain’s continued to drive forward with a desire to breach the goal of Irish and had a further chance but the threat was contained by the Fulham backs.

Thomas McCurtain’s did score a further two points, one from a free, making the sides level for the first time in the game.

Fulham had three chances to score goals themselves during a good dominant period of play but on all three occasions, McCurtain’s managed to thwart the threat. Irish continued to take advantage of this period and notched up a further five points before the half time whistle went. Irish were ahead by five.

The second half in contrast for Irish was frustrating as McCurtain’s made changes to their game plan in order to have any say in this match.

Slowly but surely, McCurtain’s began to cheap away at Irish’s lead as Fulham struggled to get into gear and go through the motions.

The intensity picked up from both sides as they tried to stop each other from making any impact on the last quarter of the game but McCurtain’s continued to take the scores when it counted.

Eight minutes before the end of the game, McCurtain’s drew level before a strongly contested free was awarded for them to go up by one.

Irish did have a chance to draw level but their attempt went wide. The last couple of minutes, Fulham tried to move the ball around to create the open space to get a score but Thomas McCurtain’s dealt with the pressure Irish put them on. Final whistle gone and McCurtain’s won by a point.

Irish will take heart from the first half with four out of the six forward’s recording a score however they will be frustrated with their second half performance. Well done to both sets of teams for a high intensity game.

Fulham Irish: Keith Greene, Stephen Martin, Don O’Connell, James McSwiney, Frank Ryan, Fergus O’Regan, Eamonn Sullivan, Michael Harte, Shane O’Donnell, Eoin McCarthy, Luke Slyman, Colm Kennedy, Pat O’Mahony, Kevin McHugh, Niall Larkin, David Gray, James O’Rourke, John Condon, James Marrinan, Declan Hayes, Michael Broder, John McHugh, John Connole, Hugh Connolly, Geroge Baker, Eamonn Wade and Darragh McInerney

Fulham rue missed chances in defeat to Granuaile

Preliminary IHC
Sunday, April 23 2017
The Scrubs
Fulham Irish 0-10 vs 2-07 Granuaile

There was a hype of activity on The Scrubs, from different sporting events, when Fulham Irish clashed with Granuaile in the Preliminary round of the Intermediate Championship on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Irish, with a depleted panel, handed debuts to Hugh Connolly, John Kirby, Darragh McInerney and Owen Mulligan.

Within four minutes of the off, Luke Slyman recorded his first point, fifty metres out, following a lovely pop pass from John Kirby.

However Granuaile, determined for Fulham not to a get any momentum, dropped in a high ball into the house of Irish only for the ball to be spilled onto the Granuaile’s forward line, who did not need any second chance to put a sliotar into the back of the net.

Kirby responded well for Fulham to claw the deficit back to one point, as Irish started to go through the gears and dominate midfield.

However, on 19 minutes a high ball into Irish’s house was again caught by Granuaile. The player, now on the ground, passed the ball to an unmarked forward to score their second goal.

Fulham contested this score as they felt the ball was thrown, but the referee dismissed their protest.

Granuaile, now four points up, only recorded one more score in the half, as Irish started to chip away at the score line with Kirby, Harte and Slyman working well together.

Fulham had their chance on goal but the ball was sent wide, however they were rewarded with a further four points split across Kirby and Slyman by the time whistle was blown for the end of the first half. Irish were a point behind.

Two minutes into the second half, a turnover ball by McSwiney went into the path of Slyman who linked with Kennedy and back to Mike Broder to score a fine point to draw Irish level.

Granuaile replied with a converted free to go ahead. The best score of the game came next from Fulham with some clean, crisp, passing worked from the back line with Kirby instrumental in directing the path of the ball.

The build up to the point included five different players, including Kirby, who eventually ended up with taking the last pass to score a point.
Granuaile tried to respond back with an attempt on goal, but this was saved by Keith Green.

Irish were now looking to forge ahead and start to make the shots count as they continually took their chances to score but unfortunately missed.
On 49 minutes, Slyman caught a wonderful pass from Kirby and headed straight for goal.

With only him and the keeper left, the keeper brought him down and conceded a penalty.

Slyman had the opportunity now to put Irish ahead, but the keeper anticipated the shot and saved.

With time ticking down, Irish continued to create scoring opportunities, but their finishing let them down. Granuaile continued to work the ball through and scored three unanswered points to stem Fulham’s surge to respond.

The referee called an end to the game and Irish lost by three.

Some great passages of supporting play, but Irish will rue their misses. It was a case of well done to Granuaile for capitalising on their scoring chances and making them count.

Fulham Irish: Keith Greene, John McHugh, Don O’Connell, Steve Martin, James McSwiney, Darragh McInerney, John Connole, Mick Harte, John Kirby, Eoin McCarthy, Luke Slyman, Mike Broder, Hugh Connolly, Kevin McHugh, Owen Mulligan, Mick Ruby, Colm Kennedy, Eamonn Wade and George Baker.

Fulham get new season off to a winning start with St Declan’s win

Division 2 Hurling League – Round 1
Sunday, April 2 2017
The Scrubs
Fulham Irish 2-7 vs St Declan’s 0-5

Fulham Irish’s 2017 season kicked off last Sunday at their home ground in The Scrubs where they faced St Declan’s in round one of the league.

The game sawthe welcome return of Pat O’Mahony from a year-long absence because of an injury, a return to the panel for Kevin McHugh and the naming of four new players for this season on the team.

The referee threw the ball in and both teams put pressure on the ball carrier as possession switched between each side as tried to get the first score on the board.

However, it was St Declan’s who managed to scoop up a loose ball and record the first point of the game with five minutes played.

Irish needed to step up a gear and it was Mick Harte who picked up a ball from just outside the halfway line to fire the sliotar straight between the posts to get Fulham on to the score sheet.

This inspired Fulham who stepped up a gear, and with Mick Harte now dominating midfield, started to push on.

Irish had their first chance on goal on the 11th minute, but this was put wide.

Niall Larkin, in his first start for Fulham, was a constant nuisance as he made life difficult for his marker and the goal keeper, putting both under pressure when they had the ball.

This eventually resulted in a wayward clearing puck by St Declan’s landing into the path of Mike Broder who pointed for his first score.

St Declan’s responded well and continued to work the ball from the backs, avoiding any path to the midfield as they could not contain Harte’s control in this area.

On the 21st minute, St Declan’s went near to record a goal, but were denied a score by Irish’s goal keeper, Davy Gray.
St Declan’s managed a consolation score, recording a point a few minutes later.

With only five minutes in the first half to be played, a low ball from Eoin McCarthy saw Larkin who beat his marker and he went for goal, but got underneath his shot and the ball went over the bar for a point.

The goalie sent a quick ball up from the restart but Mick Harte read the play, caught the ball and fired this back over the bar to record his second score.

The whistle went for half time and Irish were up by 3, Fulham Irish 0-5 to St Declan’s 0-2.

St Declan’s took the first score in the second half with a well-worked point from their half back line. Irish tried to respond and Luke Slyman managed to lose his man and had a chance on goal, but the effort went wide.

Within minutes, Slyman had a second chance on goal with a lovely pass from McCarthy, only for the shot to be deflected by the St Declan’s full back.

Irish pushed hard again, and with a long ball up field dropping behind the back line, Larkin again put pressure on the St Declan’s goalie, only for the goalie to lose the ball which land in front of Keith Greene, who, on his second attempt, scored a goal.

St Declan’s needed to put in a response and this they did with a quick point, and they continued to drive forward to close the gap.

A high ball into Irish’s back line saw the referee signal a free out to Irish, however St Declan’s had managed to break Irish’s defence and shot the sliotar in the back of net. The goal was ruled out however because of the free indicated by the referee, much to the dismay of St Declan’s.

By now Irish were showing their experience dealing with the threat of St Declan’s, and a score by Kevin McHugh kept Irish ahead by 5 points.

A further attempt at the St Declan’s goal was taken by Pat O’Mahony but the goalie managed to deal with the threat.

On 56 minutes, Larkin again hassled the St Declan’s backs and the goalie and this time managed to be on the end of the breaking ball and record his first goal for the club.

The game was all but over as the pace dropped off for the final couple of minutes.

A win for Fulham to get their season off to a good start and hard luck to St Declan’s.

It was good to see both teams play in the spirit of the game with hardly any fouls and no cards being shown for both clubs which was a credit to both teams.

Fulham Irish: Davy Gray, John McHugh, Don O’Connell, Stephen Martin, James McSwiney, Fergus O’Regan, Eamon Sullivan, Mick Harte, Mike Broder, Luke Slyman, Pat O’Mahony, Eoin McCarthy, Keith Greene, Kevin McHugh, Niall Larkin, Eamon Wade, John Connole and George Baker.

Irish disappointed as Sean Tracey’s win all-important game

London Senior Hurling Championship Round 3
Fulham Irish 1-7 vs Sean Tracey’s 1-13

Round Three of the London Senior Hurling Championship took place on Sunday, September 11 at Sean Tracey’s home ground in Mitcham, with local rivals Fulham Irish and Sean Tracey’s clashing ash for the third time this season.

A win for one of these teams would put them back on track to be in contention for a semi-final place in this year’s championship. A loss meant one of these team’s would be in the danger zone of a relegation playoff so all was to play for.

The game started off with high impact and intensity with both teams challenging from loose play.

It was Sean Tracey’s who took the first score from play in the second minute, but Irish responded when there was a free given just off centre from the Tracey’s posts about 40 metres out with Fulham’s captain Shane O’Donnell converting a point.

Tracey’s responded well with three scores on the bounce from their forward Kevin O’Loughlin, who proved to be their main player and scorer throughout this game.

With three points down a pass from Irish’s Steve Martin, playing wing back, dropped into Fulham’s Jim Nelligan who turned and went directly towards the goal only to be brought down by the backs of Tracey’s.

The penalty awarded, O’Donnell stepped up to score an all important goal. Tracey’s pushed on and Loughlin drove a lovely sideline cut to put over the bar to keep his team ahead.

The game started to break down as the referee was blowing for frees on both sides which were soft with Fulham taking advantage of these frees by taking the opportunity to score from O’Donnell. Half time and Irish were down by one point 1-5 to 0-9.

The second half started with Tracey’s going the direct route and inside the first minute of the second half, there were on course for a goal only for goalie and manager Mick Ruby, to make a great save to deny the score.

The ricochet of the save landed into the path of an awaiting Sean Tracey’s player who took a shot destined for the goal mouth again only for Diarmuid Hayes to block allowing Irish to clear their lines.

With both teams determined to up the pace the game and putting pressure on the ball there was an increase in breaks to play with frees being award to both sides, but it was Sean Tracey’s who started to pull ahead.

On 48 minutes a soft free given to Tracey’s on Fulham’s 21 metre line allowed them the chance to shoot for goal and this is exactly what they did.

With Sean Tracey’s ahead by five points and time not on the side of Irish, Fulham had to respond to claw the gap back.

They did have two chances on goal, but Tracey’s held their nerve. Time ticking down and with injuries to Fulham’s captain, Shane O’Donnell and a head injury to Sean Tracey’s centre back adding to the minutes still to be played, there was still time for Irish to score, but unfortunately Tracey’s dealt with any threat Irish tried to conjure up and eventually the final whistle went.

Tracey’s had won the all-important game with Irish left disappointed with the result.

Fulham Irish: Mick Ruby, James McSwiney, Fergus O’Regan, Diarmuid Hayes. Stephen Martin, Frank Ryan, Eamon Sullivan, Michael Broder, Shane O’Donnell (C), Eoin McCarthy, Jim Nelligan, Michael Harte, Declan Hayes, Niall Madden, Luke Slyman, Kevin Davy, Keith Greene, John Condon, John McHugh, Derry Fitzgerald and Mark O’Grady.

Irish draw but had chances to win it

London Senior Hurling Championship Round 1
Fulham Irish 2-8 vs Kilburn Gaels 0-14

The first round of the Senior Hurling Championships took place on August 6 and like the start of this sentence, there were a lot of firsts; it was the first round of the championship, as advised, first time this season Irish has played at Greenford, first time Kilburn Gaels were the opposition this season and first time captain Shane O’Donnell, has led the team out for a championship game.

From the whistle Fulham showed their intent to put pressure on the Kilburn backs but an interception by Gaels saw the ball driven into Irish’s half back line only for Fergus O’Regan to catch.

However an uncharacteristic wayward pass led to Kilburn’s first score. Kilburn continued to put pressure on the half backs as their key player, Lambert, scored another point from a breaking ball as Irish struggled to find their feet, but with captain Shane O’Donnell taking the first point for Irish, the team settled in and started to show they were not here just to make up the numbers.

Gaels continued to score as they opened up a three point lead which could have been more if some of the frees they were awarded had been converted into scores.

On 17 minutes, Irish broke the back line of Kilburn with Kev Mooney having a chance on goal, but unfortunately Kilburn managed to turn the ball over.

This did not put Irish off though, as Mick Harte created space to catch a cross field pass from O Donnell, to then pass into the house to an awaiting Eoin ‘Skinny’ McCarthy, who caught the pass and turned to put the sliotar into the back of Kilburn’s net.

Irish stepped up a gear again as Gaels found it difficult to deal with Fulham’s halfbacks and midfield.
O’Regan again intercepted a pass to an awaiting Gaels player to find Skinny who scored another point to add to his tally of a goal.

Skinny was having his best game in the Fulham Irish. With half time looming and momentum on the side of Irish, Gaels made one more break for goal and shot, only for James McSweeny to dive in front of the thundering shot as it ricocheted off his helmet which done its job in protecting him.

A stop in play was needed as McSweeny was attended to. A further minute was played and the half time whistle was sounded. Kilburn Gaels 0-7 to Fulham Irish 1-3.

The work rate and intensity picked up for both teams in the second half as the sun belted down on the players, but a lack of discipline from Irish, gave Gaels the edge as they converted the free to lead by 2.

The game started to get a bit scrappy as play was being interrupted for frees on both sides, as they did not want to give their opposition an inch to play with. With a breaking ball just outside the halfway line, Eamonn O’Sullivan picked the sliotar up and sent it between the sticks to give a much needed push to Fulham.

However, on the 48 minute, Captain O’Donnell sustained an injury and was forced off the field of play. This disruption to Fulham’s game took its toll as the threat of Gael’s Lambert continued, as he picked off two easy points of play as Fulham took their time to reshape with the loss of O Donnell.

Both teams traded a score each when again Kilburn went ahead by a point only for the ball to be deemed wide much to the frustration of Kilburn Gaels.

A break in play resulted because of this disputed wide, as the referee consulted his umpires and stood by the decision of a wide.

With 55 minutes gone Irish sent a long cross field ball into the comer forward are for Mike Broder to pick the ball up and score a goal. Irish were right back in it.

Only minutes left and Irish scored a further point leading by 1, victory was in sight but a soft free inside the Irish half gave Kilburn the opportunity to score.

The ball, despite dropping short, went over the bar, but was battered back out by Irish. With Irish playing on, Gaels were left to await the referee to confirm it was indeed a point. Full time was up and confirmation from the ref was the score was 2-8 to 0-14 on his book.

A gutsy, gritted and spirited display by Fulham, who will be disappointed not getting a win but can hold their heads up high.

Manager Mick Ruby said of his team’s performance: “I’m happy enough with the performance but there were chances to win the game there for us.

“Then again we could have lost so we’ll take what we get. No one has given us a chance this year so I’d like to think that we are proving a few people wrong. Captain Shane O’Donnell added: “We took the game to Kilburn offering an intelligent yet high intensity performance. We saw some great performances from our men but especially from our championship debutants of Eamonn, Fergus, Steve, Diarmuid and Kevin. This result should give us the confidence to challenge the traditional London senior teams over the next month or so.”

A special mention must go to Richie Hannon who donned on the jersey for the last time. Coming on as sub for the final 10 minutes. Richie is moving to the Midlands and has been a key player to the team on and off the field especially this year where he supported the training programme for this season. All the squad wish him and his girlfriend the best for the future.

Team: David Gray, James McSwiney, Don O’Connell, Frank Ryan, Diarmuid Hayes, Fergus O’Regan, Eamonn O’Sullivan, Steve Martin, Shane O’Donnell, Eoin McCarthy, Jim Nelligan, Mick Harte, Mick Broder, Kevin Mooney, Luke Slyman, Mark O’Grady, John Condon, John McHugh. Andy McCahey, Richie Hannon and Mick Ruby.

Donal’s delight as Irish topple local rivals

Fulham Irish 1-19 to Sean Tracey 2-6
Senior Hurling League – Round 4

The senior league competition continued on Saturday, July 23 with local rivals Fulham Irish and Sean Treacy’s playing at Fulham’s home ground, The Scrubs.

The game was delayed because of issues with the transport network but eventually got under way in what had to be described as stifling heat.

Fulham won the ball from the start with Eamon O’Sullivan picking out Donal Casey who in turn fed the sliotar to Mick Harte to provide the game’s opening score.

A further three points were added as Fulham started to dominate the game, however Sean Treacy’s were not about to let Irish start to pull ahead and from a short puck out, managed to take their first score.

Fulham tried to reply but the ball was just wide from Irish’s Luke Slyman.

Another short puck out by Sean Treacy’s caught Irish off guard and the ball was pucked to their full forward line who turned the Fulham defence, but the chance on goal in the 12th minute fell short.

Fulham breathed a sigh of relief, but Treacy’s came back and were rewarded for a goal on the 16th minute which pulled back the deficit and advantage Fulham had.

O’Sullivan was picking up the loose ball in the middle of the field when fouled and which saw the referee stop in play to call for a water break.

With play resuming and Irish to play the free from the foul, Casey took his first score. The short puck out for Treacy’s, worked again as Fulham was caught allowing Treacy’s to claw a point back.

Irish continued to add to the scoreboard with a great score from Fergus O’Regan and both Irish’s midfielders, O’Sullivan and Stephen Martin.

Two more frees, taken by Casey, meant at half time Irish were leading 0-11 to 1-3.

Sean Treacey’s needed to come out at the start of the second half with a determination to put pressure on the Fulham backs and test the goalkeeper, and that is exactly what they did, getting the first point of the second half.

On 37 minutes, O’Regan picked out Slyman who had a chance on goal but was fouled and Slyman took the free to get his first point of the second half under way.

Treacy’s theme for puck outs was to go short and they did so time and time again.

The game started to break up as both teams were going in hard to disrupt each other’s play.

The referee again halted the game for much a needed water break. Treacy’s were not going to give up and a fumble by Irish gave the momentum to Sean Treacy’s who broke through the defence to score their second goal in the 49 minute.

Irish struggled to responded in dealing with the threat from Treacy’s but on the 51st minute, Jim Nelligan singled out Slyman who scored a goal.

Sean Treacy’s pucked out but Irish read it and won it back with Kev Davy, who took the opportunity to score.

Treacy’s did get a point back but with Slyman and Mick Harte starting to pick up the pace of the game in the heat they were being rewarded with further scores.

Nelligan and Slyman did link up again to create a goal chance only for Slyman to be fouled.

Slyman stood up and took the free to bring his point tally to 1 goal and 4 points. With time nearly up, Sean Treacy’s tried to take advantage of an ill-timed Fulham hand pass, but a fully stretched diving O’Regan blocked the shot.

Irish had beaten their local rivals who had made it as difficult as possible for them.

Harte and Slyman had their best games under the club colours this season.

The team was delighted with the win, with Fulham’s corner forward Casey saying: “We started brightly but lost our way for the last 10 of the first half and the first 10 of the second half.

“We should have been a lot more composed and comfortable. We need to work more on not panicking and looking up for players in space.

“When we did that in the last 10 minutes we began to profit.”

Well done to captain James McSweeney and welcome back to Tom Kennedy, who became a proud father a couple of weeks ago.

Fulham Irish: David Gray, Colm Kennedy, Frank Ryan, Derry Fitzgerald, Fergus O’Regan, Tom Kennedy, James McSweeny (C), Steve Martin, Eamom O’Sullivan, Jim Nelligan, Luke Slyman, Mick Harte, Donal Casey, Kev Davy, Andrew McCahey, Mick Ruby and Matt Silke.

Irish put up a good fight against championship favourites

Fulham Irish 1-10 vs St Gabriel’s 4-20 – Ryan Cup Semi-Final

The Ryan Cup Semi Final was the first time Fulham Irish and St Gabriel’s met at senior grade this season at Irish’s home ground, The Scrubs.

The spoils went to St Gabriel’s, the favourites to reach this year’s championship final, who won by a healthy margin of 19 points. But it certainly did not tell the full story of how Fulham contested and battled every breaking ball, coming out on top in certain periods of the game.

Indeed, it was Irish who picked up the first score with barely a minute gone, with first time captain and London star, Shane O’Donnell, scooping up a breaking ball and passing onto Kev Davy who struck the sliotar between the posts.

Fulham registered another score before St Gabriel’s pulled one back. A loose pass from Irish was picked up by St Gabriel’s who hit a cross-field ball which was caught by their corner forward who reacted accordingly and drove the sliotar to the back of the net.

Fulham responded immediately with goalie Donal Casey driving a long puck out which was caught by O’Donnell who broke free to get another point on the board.

St Gabriel’s replied back and cancelled out the score Fulham had just got. They added a further two to their score line before, once again, O’Donnell picked up the ball around the 65m to drive it over the bar.

Over the next five minutes no score was registered as both teams challenged each other’s ball carrier, breaking down the play.

With 19 minutes on the watch, Fulham drove a long ball into the heart of St Gabriel’s defence and they hit the goal, only for this to be ruled a “square ball” by referee Eddie Naughton.

St Gabriel’s continued to press ahead with the half forward line creating space, allowing their half backs and midfield to drop the ball in front of the forward line giving them an easy target to take a score and they did just this with another goal.

Just before half time, St Gabriel’s had the opportunity to get a third goal only for Fergus O’Regan to steal the sliotar from the hurl of the St Gabriel’s player. The whistle went and the scoreline was 0-6 to 2-7.

The second half started with Fulham trying to claw back the score with the first point coming from Shane O’Donnell after St Gabriel’s had given away a foul.

With four minutes gone, a ball pucked out by St Gabriel’s was turned over and laid off to the waiting Mick Harte, who fired the sliotar to the top left hand corner of the goal and just wide.

Fulham continued the pressure with Steve Martin picking up a point from midfield and Kev Davy creating a score.

With 13 minutes gone, Irish’s Luke Slyman dodged and weaved passed two St Gabriel’s backs to pass on to the free Mick Harte who made up for his first miss by getting a goal.

St Gabriel’s had to react to the interaction between Shane, Steve, Luke and Jim which was causing them problems and had created the best passage of play Irish had in the game. This switch played dividend as they started to pull ahead taking their chances and scores.

Fulham’s backs were under pressure constantly from cross-field balls and support play by the St Gabriel’s forwards as they started to dominate this area, creating scores and eventually getting a further two goals.

Fulham had a chance to pull a goal back from a free on the 21m line quickly taken by debutant Naill Madden, who hit it at a fair pace, only to go wide.

With time nearly up St Gabriel’s again broke loose for what was a guaranteed goal, only for Casey to make a sublime diving save to deny the score.

Irish will be disappointed by the scoreline but will take heart in the effort they put in, which cannot be faulted.

Captain Shane O’Donnell said: “It was a spirited performance by our lads up against a strong Gabriel’s side. This was a good run out for us and we know, moving forward, we can improve on key aspects of our game.”

Fulham Irish: Donal Casey, Colm Kennedy, Frank Ryan, James McSwiney, Diarmuid Hayes, Fergus O’Regan, Eoin McCarthy, Steve Martin, Shane O’Donnell (C), Jim Nelligan, Kev Davy, Mick Harte, Luke Slyman, Naill Madden, John Condon, Matt Silke, Richie Hannon, John McHugh, Derry Fitzgerald and Mick Ruby.

Cu Chulainn’s too strong for depleted Irish

Fulham Irish 2-7 to Cu Chulainn’s 4-19

Collins Cup Round 3.
Saturday, June 18 2016

A much-depleted Fulham side played Cu Chulainn’s in round three of the Collins Cup at their home ground on Saturday.
Cu Chulainn’s had made their intention clear from the start as they registered three wides in the first four minutes before scoring a point on their fourth attempt.
Fulham replied back within two minutes as Cu Chulainn’s gave away a free around the halfway line and Donal Casey stepped up to get his name on the scoresheet.
Both teams exchanged a further two points with the game set at three apiece when Kev Davy broke free from his marker on route to goal only to have his jersey pulled; this resulted in a free to Fulham which Casey converted over the bar.
It was then Cu Chulainn’s worked the ball from the back line and dropped a teaser into Irish’s backline which could not be cleanly gathered and as the breaking ball headed towards the Fulham goal, stand-in goalkeeper Don O’Connell made a valiant effort to stop any further progression of the sliotar. However in doing so, he unfortunately injured himself and fell down to the ground with the ball rolling to the left of him, into the path of Cu Chulainns’s who recorded their first of what would end up being four goals. It was then the moment was on the side of Cu Chulainn’s and their two London County players, started to dominate the game as the majority of the ball was channelled through them.
Cu Chulainn’s started to shift their half forward line into midfield allowing both of their London stars to create space and attack from both sides , as Fulham’s midfield and backs tried to counteract the game plan.
Irish pulled two points back, with one lovely score from Luke Slyman who turned his mark.
Just before half time, a high ball into the reserve goal keeper, Mick Ruby, was hard to deal with and landed into the back of the net.
A further couple of points by Cu Chulainn’s left them in the commanding lead at half time. 2-10 to 0-6
The second half pretty much started as the first one ended, with Cu Chulainns now shifting the halfback line up to midfield and back. Fulham tried their upmost to deal with the play, but Cu Chulainn’s continued to find space and, between their two London players, rallied off more points.
Then a stray ball in Cu Chulainn’s backs gave Kev Mooney the chance to put the stick onto it and he put the sliotar in the back of the net. Maybe the moment was about to shift?
With John Condon coming on as replacement for Luke Slyman, he scored a goal on his debut for Irish.
Two goals and still time for Fulham to pull back the score line, but this just rattled Cu Chulainn’s who upped their game and continued to put the Irish backs under pressure. Despite a further two goals being conceded, James McSweeney, John McHugh and Mark O’Grady were relentless in trying to stop the drive of Cu Chulainn’s. Time was not on the side of the Irish as Cu Chulainn’s managed to temper any resurgence Fulham had.
The final whistle gone and the score line ended up 2-7 to 4-19.
Cu Chulainn’s were the dominate team with a great display from their two London stars. Whilst the score line does not suggest it, Fulham’s work rate & fitness was seconded to none, but things were just not clicking right on the day for Fulham.
The team will be disappointed with the display as they know they are a far better squad than the score line suggest.

Fulham Irish: Don O’Connell, John McHugh, James McSweeny, Mark O’Grady, Matt Silke, Darragh Ryan, Richie Hannon, Lee Darcy, Mike Broder, Mick Harte, Kevin Mooney, Donal Casey, Luke Slymanm Kevin Davy, Colm Foley, Andy McCahey, Mick Ruby, Dermot Fitzgerald, David Gray and John Condon.

Irish back to hurling’s top flight after three-year absence

Fulham Irish 0-13 vs 0-09 Fr Murphy’s

London Intermediate Hurling Championship – Semi-final
Sunday, November 1 2015

At 10.30am on Sunday, November 1, dense fog at London GAA HQ looked set to hamper the semi-final of the London Intermediate Championship which would see Fulham Irish clash against Fr Murphy’s.
The start of the game was put back by 30 minutes, with the officials hoping the fog would lift in time for the game to commence, and it did.
This game was important for two reasons, the first and most obvious reason was a place in this year’s championship final, and the second and more important, was that the winner of this game would be promoted to the senior ranks for next season.
This added more tension to what was going to be a tough game for both sides.
Fr Murphy’s were on the back of playing two highly competitive games against Fullen Gaels but just lost out on the replay, while Irish’s preparation was intense training and a competitive challenge game versus the newly crowned senior champions, Robert Emmett’s.
From the off, both teams were intent on giving their all to this game with the stakes so high and within 30 seconds, referee Eddie Naughton blew his whistle for a free to Irish.
Shane O’Donnell stepped up to put the sliotar over the bar to get Fulham’s scoreboard rolling.
Murphy’s responded with a point from play from the puck out to draw the sides level for the first of many times throughout the game.
Fulham continued to pressure the Murphy’s defence and broke away on the four minutes with a chance at goal but the sliotar was put wide.
Mick Harte and Darragh Ryan dominated their areas of play throughout the first half and both had their part to play in creating a further two goal opportunities, but Irish failed to capitalise on them. Both teams continued to exchange points with Shane O’Donnell converting a further three points from frees to keep Fulham score line ticking over and a wonderful point from midfielder, Darragh McCarthy kept Irish’s noses in front as Fr Murphy’s continued to battle away and contain the deficit to one point.
Goalie Donal Casey was called upon to convert a 65 with six minutes of the first half left from which he drove the sliotar straight between the sticks, but a free just before half time gave Fr Murphy’s a point and the sides went in at half time, 0-07 to 0-06 to Irish.
Manager Mick Ruby gave a spirited team talk at half time and as the whistle went for the start of the second half, Irish were hungrier to get a positive result. Mike Harte picked up a lovely ball from the start of play and sprinted free of his marker and shot the sliotar to the right top corner of the goal for Fr Murphy’s keeper to make a great save to deny the goal and send the sliotar out past the end line for Irish first 65 of the second half.
Casey was called on again to strike the sliotar of which he fired the ball between the sticks.
Five minutes gone in the second half and once again Mick Harte broke free and had another goal opportunity, but the Murphy’s back line was quick to react to stop any threat of goal.
Harte was causing Murphy’s backs problems with clearly his best game of the season in a Fulham shirt.
Murphy’s, determined to keep in pace with Fulham, upped their game and the balance of play started to shift towards them until Decy Hayes, despite a broken finger, came on to give Irish more of an attacking threat in the forwards and within two minutes he had created space for Harte to step up and take a point.
The midfield team of Ryan and McCarthy from Fulham was dominant, as Fr Murphy’s dropped a man back to try to change the force of play in midfield. Fulham continued to push ahead and taking their scoring opportunities and with six minutes left were three up.
A free outside the Fulham 21 metre line, gave Murphy’s the change to score a much needed goal but the shot went wide. The last point of the game came from Foley, who was a free man as Irish counter attacked a breakdown in Murphy’s play. The white flag raised and with injury time now in play, Irish had to deal with Fr Murphy’s making one last attack.
Four minutes of added time gone and the referee whistle came to the relief and delight of Irish. While Murphy’s were never ahead, they certainly gave Fulham a tough battle and went down still fighting their cause to the final whistle.
A win for Fulham, a place in the county final and more importantly, after a three year wait, a return back in top flight hurling in London for next season.

Fulham Irish: Donal Casey, Colm Kennedy, Colin Smyth, James McSwiney, Frank Ryan, Pat O’Mahony, Tom Kennedy, Darragh Ryan, Darragh McCarthy, Colm Foley, Mick Harte, Mike Broder, Mark Bevans, Shane Moynihan, Shane O’Donnell, David Gray, Brian Hearne, David Madden, Declan Hayes, Derry Fitzgerald, Don O’Connell, Eoin McCarthy, John McHugh, Matt Silke and Richie Hannon

Referee: Eddie Naughton

Brave Irish lose out to McCurtain’s

Fulham Irish 2-11 vs 2-14 Thomas McCurtain’s

McCullough Cup Semi Final
Saturday, October 10 2015 – Ruislip

Favourites for the London Championship, Thomas McCurtain’s was Fulham’s opposition in this eagerly awaited tie.
The sides had already crossed paths in the league and championship campaign already this season, with McCurtain’s wining one game and the other drawn,
Three minutes passed the hour of three on the brand new scoreboard in use for the first time at London GAA HQ when referee Eddie Naughton blew his whistle to what was going to be an intense and fast-paced game.
No sooner had the ball been won by McCurtain’s from the throw in, when a long high pass into their full forward was caught and the sliotar was in the back of the net, putting McCurtain’s one goal up with less than 60 seconds played. McCurtain’s found two more scores over the bar as Irish struggled to find their feet.
With five minutes gone and McCurtain’s with a score line of 1-2 to nil, Fulham player Michael Broder was fouled. Objections to the ref on the call by the McCurtain’s players ended up with the free being advanced and Broder sent the ball over the bar to register the first point for Fulham. This railed Irish, and with a further foul committed by McCurtain’s, led to another point in quick secession, taken by Broder
Fulham started to take a hold of the game and their off-the-ball support was taking a grip on McCurtain’s.
Colm Foley and Don O’Connell started to boss their areas, winning ball and with Kevin Davy and Declan Hayes interacting with each other, Irish were dominating the play.
Irish threatened the goal on two occasions but were unable to convert as they mistimed their connection onto the sliotar.
The resilience by McCurtain’s told as once again they managed to break free from their markers and scored a second goal.
Fulham were down by four points, but Irish were unphased with two more points from an on-form Foley, playing the best game this season in a Fulham shirt.
For the latter point, Foley ran 20 metres and scored while on the run.
It was then from the puck out of McCurtain’s that O’Connell caught and passed on to an awaiting McCarthy, but he took a very heavy, hefty and late challenge.
The ref continued play as the ball was passed into Declan Hayes who scored a goal. This was to be O’Connell’s last piece of action as he was initially substituted for a blood injury, but ruled out from taking any further part in the match.
The half-time score was 1-6 to 2-5 to McCurtain’s.
The second half saw Irish pick up from where they left off with them being the more dominant side and with the scores now starting to notch up, especially a lovely point worked from keeper Casey to Tom Kennedy, who caught a lovely ball from 30 metres out from Fulham’s end line and drove a cross field ball into Hayes in the full forward line, who scored a point.
Casey was called on again to show his lightning reflexes as he saved a dead cert goal chance and rebound all in a matter of seconds by McCurtain’s.
Fulham continued to show spirit and pressed on, taking their points when Kevin Davy skipped past his marker and scored Fulham’s second goal.
A further point from Broder put Irish three in front as Foley was continuing to cause the half backs problems, but a rap across his knuckles put paid to Foley’s day as he had to be replaced, unable to continue.
McCurtain’s brought on the subs and now started to take control as they drew level with Fulham with only 10 minutes left and with the game all square they took advantage of Irish who seemed to be off the pace of the game.
With inspirational captain Pat O’Mahoney taking a knock and having to be replaced because of a bloody injury, time was not on Irish’s side as McCurtain’s put thee scores on the board. Despite some valiant efforts by Irish, McCurtain’s stemmed any of the momentum Fulham tried to create and closed the game out without Fulham replying to a score for the last 13 minutes.
With the whistle blown, a vibrant and relieved McCurtain’s celebrated their win while Irish were left to wonder what happened in the final quarter when they had dominated so much of the game.

Fulham Irish: Donal Casey, Colin Smyth, Frank Ryan, James McSwiney, Brian Hearne, Pat O’Mahoney, Tom Kennedy, Darragh McCarthy, Lee Darcy, Colm Foley, Darragh Ryan, Mick Harte, Declan Hayes, Kevin Davy, Michael Broder, Don O’Connell, Richard Hannon, Dermot Fitzgerald, Eoin McCarthy, James Hickey and Jim Nelligan
Referee: Eddie Naughton